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I have many "Brick walls" and unidentified people in pictures. I am hoping that I may find "cousins" and make aquaintence with the many people who are bloging. I have visited many blogs today and have already learned alot from many of you.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Treasure Thursday

First, I forgot how to get into my blog so I could post. Treasure Thursday was a little difficult to choose. My husband had brothers and sisters who had the same father. Calling them half brothers and sisters never set well with him. Because, my husband, was in the military we had lost contact with the girls. They were ages 2 and 5. We had thought that they had probably married, and we would never see them again. That is pretty ironic for someone trying to be a family historian.

A short time ago, Donna, one of my husband’s sisters found him. We chatted over the internet for about six months. We loved learning about her and her family. She and her children came to visit us. It was wonderful, getting to know her. She is beautiful, sweet and wants to know more about her father’s side of the family. She was the first treasure I wanted to mention.

Then I remembered about a treasure we have had for forty years. They meant to us. It was pictures my husband had taken shortly before his father died. There were pictures of his brothers and sisters. When I mentioned these pictures, Donna told me she didn’t have many pictures of her dad. I posted them on Facebook and My Family. Donna told me she thought she would never see a picture of her with her daddy. She told me that she cried when she saw the picture. Of course, hearing what she said, I cried. Writing this bring tears to my eyes. Who would have thought just one photograph would be such a treasure.


  1. That's wonderful! It's amazing (or maybe not) how emotional a photograph can be.

  2. Sharing family photographs with relatives is indeed a great treasure.
    Welcome to the geneabloggers family!

  3. What a treasure for you to share. Old pictures evoke so many memories.